Department of Islamic Studies

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 Department in Brief

The department was established since the college establishment in 1418/1419H. It adopts the level system in teaching. Moreover, it teaches the following courses the Holy Quran and its intonation, interpretation and science, besides Hadith, etc… it also teaches the a number of courses to the other departments such as Islamic culture first level, economic system in Islam third level, political system in Islam fourth level and Quran.

The department motto:

Religion-Science- Culture- Quality.


Graduation Degree

The department grants its graduates Bachelor degree in Quran and Islamic Studies. The course plan is 136 accredited hours.


Graduates’ Field of Work

·        Teaching in the educational institution in high and mid schools.

·        Delivering preaches.

·        Supervising Islamic guidance in schools and colleges.

·        Working in Quran centers.

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