Vision, Message and Objectives

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Vision, Message and Objectives


The preparation of qualified national workforce in the field of mathematics.


The provision of remarkable academic programs in mathematics and educational sciences to satisfy the community’s requirements of distinguished graduates, who are able to serve the community.


1.     Providing knowledge and science in the field of mathematics according to the adopted course plans.

2.     Encouraging the students conduct scientific researches.

3.     Providing labor market with specialists in mathematics to endure the responsibility of scientific research.

4.     Keeping up with latest advancements in the field of mathematics.

5.     Preparing a qualified workforce in mathematics to work in the field of teaching in the general education sector and higher institution, etc...

6.     Preparing the students for postgraduate studies and scientific research.

7.     Preparing the students to work in the universities as teaching assistant, researchers, and academic technicians.

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